Callebaut Dark Chocolate Block - No Sugar Added

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Callebaut's No Sugar Added Dark Chocolate Block provides a genuine Belgian Chocolate taste with no sugar added.

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We cannot guaranty that any chocolate bar will arrive unbroken.

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Callebaut's No Sugar Added Dark Chocolate Block provides a genuine Belgian Chocolate taste with no sugar added. They have been made – according to Callebaut’s strict quality standards – with premium grade cocoa beans, 100% pure cocoa butter and natural bourbon vanilla. Only the sugar in these recipes has been replaced with maltitol as a sweetener. Nevertheless, these chocolates taste nearly identical to traditional products. Furthermore they offer the same application possibilities and can be processed in exactly the same way as traditional chocolates. Their technical properties and behavior are absolutely identical. The use of the denomination “no added sugar” on these products is allowed. With the perfect combination of cocoa percentages, 53.9% cocoa solids to be exact, that is sure to fool even the most experienced chocolate connoisseur!

Certified Kosher

Belgian chocolate liquor, maltitol, cocoa butter, soy lecithin added as emulsifier, pure vanilla extract

We cannot guaranty that any chocolate bar will arrive unbroken.

Some background on the taste Callebaut's Dark Chocolate

The taste of your Callebaut dark chocolate is determined by a number of essential components together.

Roasting the beans
The roasting of the beans is done very carefully and at very precise temperature. It is the only possible way to release the precious flavors and aromas present in the cocoa beans.

The blend or origin of the cocoa beans
For its traditional chocolates, Callebaut composes blends of different cocoa bean varieties. They give the chocolate a very balanced and rounded taste. Our blends guarantee a constant taste: No Sugar Added Chocolate produced today will taste exactly the same as No Sugar Added Chocolate produced tomorrow. For our Origine range, we select a cocoa bean variety from one single country or region. This single variety will determine the taste of the chocolate, which can be fruity or aromatic. Origine chocolates may also differ in taste from year to year, from harvest to harvest.

Cocoa Content
A higher cocoa content gives a chocolate more intensity. This does not necessarily mean bitterness, since some cocoa bean varieties are very mild and not bitter at all.

The cocoa butter
Callebaut only selects premium cocoa beans from which the cocoa butter is extracted. Furthermore, we only use 100% cocoa butter to give our chocolate its refined, authentic taste, quality and character.

The sugar content
The sugar content will eventually determine the sweetness of the chocolate.

Conching with patience and precision
Callebaut conches its chocolate couvertures with great patience and exacting precision. It eliminates the undesired and too acid tones in the chocolate taste and creates the typical homogeneous taste with fresh, aromatic accents.

Natural Bourbon Vanilla
Pure, natural Bourbon vanilla gives chocolate that exciting hint of exotic refinement. It also accentuates the sweetness of dark chocolate. Natural vanilla and dark chocolate, a perfect match for one another.

Storage & Shelf Life
Always store chocolate in a dry, dark place at a temperature of 53.6°F to 60.8°F. So: never in the fridge. Also avoid temperature shocks of more than 50°F: your chocolate might develop a white sheen. This does not affect the taste, but admit it: a dark, shiny and good looking praline or chocolate bar looks far more tempting.

Never store chocolate alongside strong-smelling foodstuffs. Chocolate absorbs odors very easily and this could affect the sublime taste of your favorite treat.

The best temperature to consume chocolate is at 64.4°F to 69.8°F. At this temperature, chocolate remains crunchy, yet is ready to fully release all of its flavors and aromas in your mouth. So always give chocolate the time to acclimatize from its storing temperature to room temperature.

Quality cocoa, dark and milk chocolate have a long shelf life by nature. The cocoa polyphenols naturally present help to protect dark and milk chocolate from oxidation for long periods. They are natural preservatives. If the above instructions are followed Callebaut's chocolate blocks' shelf life are approximately 12 - 18 months.

Hot Weather Warning!! We are not liable for products melting during shipping. Due to temperature variations across the country that are out of our control, we cannot guarantee the unmelted or melted status of chocolate products that are shipped during the warm months. We strongly advise cold packs.

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We cannot guaranty that any chocolate bar will arrive unbroken.


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